Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fringes on my Feet!

Those sandals are one of my favorite footwear, but believe me or not, this was the first time this year that I put them on. They reminde me on Indians and I just love them. Fringes will always be in. The other thing on this ouftit that I wanna talk about is this ring (three flowers) that my best friend Adna made for me. She knows which color I prefer and  wear the most, and she decided to surprise me with this ring- in that color of course. Rings are not the only thing that she makes, she can do almost everything that you want- this is her facebook page, so you can check it :) Hope you like my today's outfit :)


  1. Prsten je lijep,stvarno ima talenat.
    A u ovom kombinaciji me podsjećaš na California girl

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  3. Volim ovakve kombinacije, super :)

    PS: Iskljuci ovu provjeru prilikom ostavljanja komentara :)

  4. ova kombinacija je mi je favorit, i ja najvise nosim slicne ovog ljeta :)