Tuesday, January 28, 2014

White winter.

  My master piece :)

Nails full of colors :)

I was waiting this snow so long.. Finally, it is snowing, real winter. Day was perfect for hanging out with my friends. First we took a walk, then we went to my place to warm up, to drink coffee, and have fun with our nails. 
You can notice that I always combine black color with other colors in my outfits. I can say that those leather pants were one of my favorite pieces of this season.Green cap I bought for my brother, but soon I changed my mind, I kept it for myself :) Selfish me :) And wide coats- is there need to comment them? I mention in every post how much I love wide stuff :)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Love this sweater!

Happy new year ! 
I don't know what is wrong this year with this weather? I walked in sweater today, without scarf, cap or gloves. I want snow, snow, and snow, I want real winter. 
So, today I wore this big comfy sweater and brown leather pants. Like I already said in previous posts: skinny pants and wide shirts, sweaters is outfit that I love the most. I wanted to feel more feminine, and the key was in those boots with heels. Not too high, 'cause I was out for 4 hours, just walking. And shopping- sale time :)