Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dark Autumn...

I am wearing: 
blazer Zara;
pants H&M;
blouse Amisu;
sneakers Victory.
Deep Autumn is the last Autumn season before entering Winter, and it’s the sister season to Deep Winter. As such, they share Deep colours, but while Deep Winter has a cool undertone, Dark Autumns are clearly warm. You may be asking yourself “Am I a Deep Autumn?” if your contrast level is high but the very bright Winter colours look garish on you, as this season can take fairly intense colours and still look perfectly natural. Most people who fall within this season get wrongly typed as a Warm Autumn because they can take a lot of warm colours, but the contrast levels are generally higher and the main characteristic is Deep, instead of Warm.

 Are You A Deep Autumn?

Deep Autumns typically have dark eyes, either dark chocolate brown or even black, but you can find Dark Autumns with very deep blue eyes or an unusual dark green. The hair is also dark, in varying shades of brown and black, a deep medium brown or even a very deep auburn. If you have light hair you are most likely a Warm or Soft Autumn instead. Your skin will have a warm undertone, from black to olive or bronze, ivory and golden beige. The three words that describe your colouring are deep, warm and muted.

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