Sunday, January 17, 2016


I am wearing:
Coat: New Yorker (Amisu)
Boots: Bershka
Skirt: Bershka
Bag: Caliopi
Glasses: Vintage (Grandmother's :))

Yes, middle of January = Sales time! All those great stuffs that I've been watching, finally are mine :) And that's the one of the reasons why I look so happy on those photos, and I really am :) It's been a long time since my last post. A very, very long time.. What can I say? I'm back again! I looked for exucses in the sense that I have no more time for making posts and posing, what's the point of blogging. But all those time I felt like I need something for myself. Finally I figured it out. I'm happy when I'm blogging, it's my passion and makes me feel complete. Enough on that subject :)  
I hope that you like this outfit, like I do :)


  1. Glasses are so cute

  2. Cute!


  3. Nice coat <3

    The Cutielicious

  4. Super post, sviđa mi se kako pišeš i zaista si dobra u tome što radiš, samo nastavi tako, imaš moju podršku! :) Ako želiš pogledaj moj blog i učlani se ako ti se sviđa <3

  5. predobro izgledas :D