Sunday, August 31, 2014

Begovo Etno Selo..

The old village (Nišići). Near Sarajevo (B&H).
Perfect place for relaxation, recreation. 

The idea of ​​the construction is caused when the owner of the village, or passionate collector of antiquities and cultural heritage of Bosnia, decided that his collections presented to the public in the original setting of the Bosnian village.
Enjoy :)

Restourant: they serve only the Bosnian native food that is prepared for decades in an authentic way. When I first read offers on menu, I was skeptical and I didn't want to eat anything. But when my friends order their meals, I change my mind.


  1. divno,slike su prelepe :)

  2. I wanna go there, like right now !! :D

    Great post !

  3. what a lovely place
    so amazing <3

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